Newcomb B-100 Schematics

Seems there are 2 different versions of the Newcomb B100 radio. An early one with octal tubes and a later one with 7 pin mini's. Top radios is the newer version and the bottom is the older. Right click on each picture and select "open link in new tab" for the full size version.
This is an under chassis picture of the early model
This is an under chassis of the newer model.
Here is the schematic for the new model.
Here is the schematic for the older model.
The older model is better in my opinion. Sounds better and works better.


Sears Silvertone 5009

Here is an AM radio I picked up from ebay.
It was listed as "for parts not working". The original picture showed it was very dirty. When I got it it had a bunch of problems. It took about 2 days to track them all down. I thought it had silver migration disease in the IF filters (it did not) I recapped it, I had to go through the circuit board and re-solder EVERY component. I had to tighten up and solder the tube sockets, In the process of working on it I broke a very fine wire on the oscillator coil and had to fix that. I replaced a few resistors. I took it apart and cleaned the case with simple green. I did a full alignment, and the only thing left is to fix the melted plastic on top and replace the interlock cord.


Motorola B12WA

When I was a kid we had one of these.
It died in the late 70's. I took it apart and trashed it. I found one on ebay.


Goodwill Haul

Being recently revenueless I kept busy fixing old radios and going to thrift stores and estate sales. This is a partial list of my haul for the last 12 months 7-2012 to 7-2013:

Magnavox 20mf500t/17 20" LCD TV
Shure 520DX
Line 6 Spider III amp
2 geiger counters
2 minimus 7's
2 veneered minimus 7's
WinTV-hvr 1600
Pioneer SX-3600
orphaned Mini Advent
wireless shipping scale
Technics SA-5460
supro S6606
Center Channel Design Acoustics PS-CV
Sansui 200
Optonica SA-5407
Proton 740 tape deck
Hewlett Packard 120b tube oscilloscope
Yamaha Natural sound GE-30 Equalizer
1 Optimus unknown speaker
1 Denon TU-450
2 Garrard GSS100 speakers
1 realistic mini amp
realistic mini tuner
Technics SA-GX130
Technics RS-T330R Tape deck
optimus pro-x88av
Garmin Etrex Legend
AC hookup wire
Technics SH-8055 12 channel GEQ
Technics SU-V57 integrated amp
Technics ST-S77 tuner
Technics RS-B17W tape deck
several Canon T-50 cameras
Many SLR Cameras and lenses
Yaesu FT-23R
Kenwood KT-42B
Fender Frontman 15G
Marantz SD155 Tape Deck
Optimus SA-155 "amp"
NAD Monitor Series Power Amplifier 2100 Power Envelope
Luxman Tuner Preamp TP-117 with BOTH remotes
Fisher DS-810 speakers
General Signal PC-150 line conditioner/isolation transformer
Ross Electronics Co. 2101, 8 band radio
craftsman 1/4" socket set
Technics SA-301
Yamaha A-32
Audiosource AMP One/A
Triad Bronze Powersub
Pioneer PL-115d
Kenwood KA-127
Fisher 215
Coral BX-200 speakers
Sansui 7070
Digital I.C. Color Generator
Polaris MT5500 marine radio
Sporty's E6B Flight computer
Technics ST-G5
GE el cheapo tube radio

Most Items were sold.


Lloyd's TM-75 Tube Radio Schematic

Lloyd's TM-75 Tube Radio Schematic.

 Uploaded these for anyone else who has one and needs the schematic and tube layout.
Click on each image for a larger version.