SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x0000003b termdd.sys BSOD and possible cause

Starting a few days ago I began getting Blue screen of death with my Windows 7. The error was as below

Sometimes the cause (per bluesreenviewer) was either termdd.sys or ntoskrnl.exe. Initially it was a lot of ntoskrnl.exe but then lots of termdd.sys began showing up.

now I had googled the issue and there was the standard "it's your memory", "bad video drivers", or "run SFC /SCANNOW" guesses at fixes for people.

I updated my video drivers.
I did a malware scan and found nothing.
I did a memory test and found nothing wrong (memory test are mostly useless).
I did SFC /SCANNOW (this is what people tell you to do when they don't know how to help) it also found no major problem just one unrelated corrupt dll.
I installed all current updates.
I restored my computer to a couple of days before the problem occurred.
Nothing worked.
I then did some thinking and realized that most of the issues were with termdd.sys, well I had my Remote desktop open to the internet. I remembered that my port 3389 is often hammered from china So I closed port 3389 on my firewall and the issue disappeared.

After further research I found that there is a vulnerability that is supposed to have been patched for windows RDP, but apparently not.