Movie Review: Pirates...(at Worlds End)

Boy where to start on this one... how about:
Hangings galore
Everyone Sing
Summon the Bretheren Court
We need Jack
Big fight
Can't trust anyone
It's cold
The Chart
Oh... A peanut
Jack Sparrows galore
Rock Crabs
Souls adrift
Green Flash
Stab the Heart
Don't Stab the Heart
Your the Captain now
Part of the Ship
Part of The Crew
Bird Crumbs
They stack Ship that High?
Pieces of eight... No wait?
Run or Fight
Keith Richards
Pirate King
Hows Mum?
FIGHT! so we can run.
Attack of the 100 foot Calypso
Huge, Incredible, wild, married, Insane, Bizarre, (and totally unbelievable battle)
Monkey away
I dropped my brain
Who WILL be the next Davy Jones?
Emergency Heart Surgery
Big Boom
Nookie before night
Take my Heart please
Innuendo's galore
Where's my ship?
Where are we Going?
Jack Sparrow!!!!!!!!
Juan Ponce de León
end of credits
A Pirates life for Me
Green Flash

Wow I'll say that again WOW. I guess when you have to "out do" your two previous movies this is how you do it. I mean come on really. Strap yourselves in for this one. Spectacular special effects, more fighting and battles than you can shake a stick at, lots of gratuitous gross out stuff, and tons of plot twists. A good way to Confuse-a-Cat. Anyways go see it!
Just make sure you go pee first... (it's a loooong movie)

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