Colorado 1998

Way back in 1998 Kathi and I went to Colorado to visit her relatives, Pat and Bruce. Bruce was a Corporate head hunter and Pat is self employed. This was our first trip to Evergreen Colorado so Pat and Bruce took us on a whirlwind tour of everything. One of the things we did was ride the Manitou & Pike's Peak Railway. The railway was built in 1889 and ran steam cog trains until 1964. When they purchased self contained Diesel Cars from the Swiss Locomotive Works in Winterthur.
The Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway uses the Abt rack system. The maximum grades are 25%. A standard train runs on a grade of 4% to 6%. When you get to the top there is just a little bit more than half the pressure at sea level so you get dizzy real easy and winded from even the shortest walk. Behold two Very dizzy people.
We also visited the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado.

The lady With white pants and a Red shirt is Kathi's Cousin Pat. Being from Arizona and not having seen much snow we also had our picture's taken during a snow storm.
More on Pat & Bruce in later posts. This is the trip in which the Infamous snowball fight occurred. While high up on a mountain at a ski resort where we were going to have lunch, I decided to have a "playful" snowball fight with Kathi. So I threw a snowball at here, and she ducked right into it catching it square in the face. needless to say there will be no more snowball fights with Kathi, she was not happy.

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