Our Home (the Second)

Kathi and I had talked about going camping since we first met, although we did go once before when I had my white van conversion (the Imperial Shuttle),

that attempt didn't work out too well. We had gotten a late start and when we got to Payson all the campgrounds were full. We ended up sleeping in the van at an undeveloped camping area between Woods Canyon lake, and Bear Canyon lake. It was hot and the van was NOT comfortable (it's a long story why we decided we could sleep in the van). Since then we had not gone "camping".

After 19 years of marriage we decided we were going to start camping again. A couple of weeks ago we went to a local RV dealer in Phoenix, and got a Smallish folding camping trailer. The trailer is made by Fleetwood, and is a 2007 Rio. It has 2 beds, 1 is 48" x 72" and the other is 72" x 72". It has a 2 burner stove, heater, sink, hot water heater, and a cartridge toilet/shower.

We left rather late in the day Friday due to that activity I must go to 5 days a week to earn money. We arrived at the Aspen campground at 19:30 and had to set up the trailer in the dark. Here are a couple of pictures taken 2 days later.

Saturday morning we got up and went to Woods Canyon lake, I fished and Kathi slept. I caught 4 trout most of which wouldn't make a fillet of fish sandwich. 1 was of almost keepable size, but since I don't like to eat fish I threw them all back. I also caught 20+ crayfish five or six big ones using my trap. Most of the crayfish I let go as they were very small. We returned to camp had dinner and sat outside until it got dark, cold, and and we were properly smoked from the campfire.

We got up Sunday I went to the lake again and Kathi stayed at the campsite to pack and take it easy as she wasn't feeling well. I only went after the crayfish this time. I caught a bunch more for a total of 35 (oooh a snack). I went back to camp and we finished packing, folded up the trailer and left.

The trailer worked out well. We had to work out a way for me to sleep as I am 6'4" and the beds are only 6'. Having the heater and toilet were very nice as it dipped into the the low 40's that night and it was a bit of a walk to the nearest "Smell-O-Potty".

When we got back into town Mike and Chris came over and we cooked up the crayfish with some corn on the cob. We even gave a crayfish to Sean.
Hey... he knew what to do, he "pinched the tail", and "sucked the head".


Anonymous said...

19 years of marriage? I'm 36, so wouldn't that make me 17 when you got married? Typo?

Flinx said...

No "typo", Inside Joke.