Canyon Lake Drawdown Revisited

Today we went back out to Canyon lake, this time with my trusty metal detector. I wanted to see if there was anything really interesting or valuable buried in the mud under the first bridge.
We quickly found this was going to be a problem as there was an insane number of aluminum cans buried in the dried mud. However while looking around I found one very interesting object buried under about 1 inch of mud. The mud had dried and cracked revealing it to me. I am surprised no one else had seen it as many people had been through this area, here it is after I got it home and cleaned it up:
You will note from the above image that the number has been removed from the lower part of the handle using a drill and a chisel. No other number is on the item. The slide and everything else was not attached and was not within 10 feet of it, possibly the other pieces had been dumped somewhere else. From where it was located it looks like someone threw it in as they drove onto the bridge. After we had finished our explorations we attempted to drop it off at the local constabulary in A.J. but it was not open on Sunday. Since the important parts are missing and there is no number I will probably remove the nickel plated parts that did not rust and dispose of the rest.

On this trip we decided to check out the second bridge, here are some pics:

In the above picture of the Bridge with the sun behind it I am standing next to the column for scale.

We had to do some hiking to get down into the lake bed under the second bridge. Once down there we could not walk on most of the mud as we would have sunk up to our knees. We carefully hiked around to the other side and walked to where the marina used to be before it was temporarily moved. In that area we observed (but could not get to):
more of everything we noted in my first list plus
A Boom Box.
2 Potted (but dead) ficus trees.
A stereo.
A Direct TV satellite dish.
A 20 foot mast with antenna attached.
Lots of shoes.
Many more lawn chairs.
A stereo amplifier.
Several badly rusted anchors of various design.
A complete and upright gas grill stuck in the mud.

As we were hiking out of the lake bed we saw this guy flying over head.
It appears to be a fully armed Huey Cobra.

No we did not find the wallet.

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