Christmas 2007

Every year my Mother-In-Law Carol has a Christmas eve party. Anyone who wishes to come is invited. However there were some no shows:
Santa-Joe - Who is in hospice recovering from Cancer of the throat.
Alan - Who was in town but otherwise engaged.
David - Unknown reason.
Eric - Was in town earlier in the month.
Here are some of the pics from Christmas eve.

From Left to Right, Kayla, Sean, Dixie, Kathi, and Carol.

From Left to Right, Juliet, Maeghan, Amanda, Haven, Amanda, and Kayla.

Tammy, and Carol, Amanda Maeghan, Dixie, and Mindy.

Maeghan, Tammy, Amanda, Mindy, Kayla, and Chris
Here are some pics from Christmas day.

Mary, (yes she can smile).

See I told you so!

Candy, the other Eric, Barbara, and Daniel.

Megan (who gets beaten with reeds if she smiles).


Anonymous said...

Did you actually see Alan? I believe Alan died a few years ago and his identity was taken over by a secret internet society.

Flinx said...

"See" Alan, nobody "See's" Alan. I don't believe that Alan even exists.