Fixing a Consus Eagle USB drive

I have had a couple of these Eagle/Consus External hard drives for a while now and over the years they have given me fits. After a few months of use they start to have problems.
Usually the problem is caused by the the cheap AC adapters failing due to bad capacitors. Today I checked on my servers backups and found they have not been backing up in weeks. NICE! I cracked open the AC adapter and checked the caps and they are all fine... hmmm. I took the drive apart and everything looked ok, but I pulled one of the caps and tested it with my Atlas ESR+ and it showed out of tolerance and rather high internal resistance of 8ohms. So I pulled all the 100uf 16v caps and replaced them. They were all out of spec and had internal resistances as high as 17ohms.

Before finalizing the work I tested the drive and found that everything was working like it should.
So I finalized the repair and will do the same with the other drive I have.

Why would I bother fixing something as inexpensive as a USB enclosure? Because I hate to throw out something perfectly good if I can fix it, and I am cheap.

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