Funai Magnavox TB110MW9A has green light but does not power on

Funai Magnavox TB110MW9A does not power on.
Symptoms are:
green light flashes and then stops flashing and stays solid green.
nothing but snow on the tv.

My wife's aunt had this problem. I replaced hers with a different model but decided to see if I could fix it. I opened it up to look for swollen capacitors but there were not any.
I tested the voltages in the power supply and the voltages on all the voltage regulators. They all seemed ok. Finally (with some fiddling) the unit came on. I started carefully moving things looking for the problem. The problem ended up being the small vertical card with the large chip on it, If I moved it the unit would lose picture and go to snow.
The fix was to re-solder all the tabs on it.
That was it. It now powers up and shuts down properly.

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