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Accessing Q-see QR474-1 4 channel DVR remotely

If you have a Q-See QR474-1 DVR or some other Qsee DVR from before they went out of business, and you want to access it remotely from your phone.

You can do it using the Onvier APP. These are not detailed instructions.

add a new device manually. select generic RTSP stream.

name the device.

add the URL in this format:


the X's represent the IP the camera is on.

Channel 1 is ch1, 2 is ch2, 3 is ch3, 4 is ch4.

the zero on the end is the stream, 0 for master 1 for the lower quality sub stream

put in the username and password and hit test. if it works it should tell you it succeeded. 

you will have to do this for each camera channel. Same for accessing it externally once you open the 554 port on your router/firewall and point it to the DVR.

also if your Q-see HD DVR does not record motion even though it's turned on and scheduled, it appears that 1 or both send email and ftp upload have to be enabled for the camera. Email and FTP do not need to be configured but for some weird reason it won't record if they are disabled.

if you click save and the screen does not look like this with the channel number highlighted in green it will not record that channel. if you set everything like in this image and it still does not record motion then go in to maintenance, load default, and select alarm, and then click save.