Seattle 07-2002

Back in 2002 Kathi and I drove to Seattle to visit my Dad (1500 miles in 3 days). One of the places we visited was the Last Resort Fire Department. The LRFD is run by Galen a retired Seattle fireman. Galen is very "meticulous".
As you can see from these pictures The building where he keeps his fire apparatus holds (I believe) 12 fire trucks.

Including one out front, and one hanging from the ceiling.

Everything in the LRFD is place with Meticulous care and all space is used.

We stayed at a friend of Bob's house. They were out of town so we house sat.
They had a cat named Mija.
Mija liked to wake us up in the morning by standing on us and using us as a scratching post. But we liked Mija.
We saw the Fremont Troll under the bridge.
Click on the picture below for a panoramic view of Lake Washington taken from above the I-90 Tunnel.
Yes the bridge is floating on the lake.

We also visited Jurassic Park. Jurassic park was a large piece of property owned by a lawyer friend of Bob's. It was called Jurassic park because it was green, overgrown and there were a lot of unusual animals there. It is no longer there, several month after we visited the animals were moved and the property sold. So without further ado here is a short clip from our visit there.

The loud chirping noise is an alarm call made by the deer.

We did some other things I don't have any decent pictures of, we did some antiquing, and drove up into the cascade mountains. A couple of days later we visited another friend of Bob's this guy used to be an insurance salesman (I think) he had model trains all over his his basement and garage.

Including his bathroom.

We went on a tour of a Russian Foxtrot-Class Cobra sub that I believe is still in Seattle.
Here some video of it.

I took a picture through the periscope.
All this wore my dad out.
We did some other things but these were the more interesting highlights. Kathi and I then drove home again (well mostly I drove) this time 1500 miles in 2 days. Man was I tired. Oh yeah for those who don't know when you drive through Oregon it is against the law to pump your own gas. It seems that 1. The old people want it that way and 2. they do it to keeps the freaky people employed.


Movie Review: Pirates...(at Worlds End)

Boy where to start on this one... how about:
Hangings galore
Everyone Sing
Summon the Bretheren Court
We need Jack
Big fight
Can't trust anyone
It's cold
The Chart
Oh... A peanut
Jack Sparrows galore
Rock Crabs
Souls adrift
Green Flash
Stab the Heart
Don't Stab the Heart
Your the Captain now
Part of the Ship
Part of The Crew
Bird Crumbs
They stack Ship that High?
Pieces of eight... No wait?
Run or Fight
Keith Richards
Pirate King
Hows Mum?
FIGHT! so we can run.
Attack of the 100 foot Calypso
Huge, Incredible, wild, married, Insane, Bizarre, (and totally unbelievable battle)
Monkey away
I dropped my brain
Who WILL be the next Davy Jones?
Emergency Heart Surgery
Big Boom
Nookie before night
Take my Heart please
Innuendo's galore
Where's my ship?
Where are we Going?
Jack Sparrow!!!!!!!!
Juan Ponce de León
end of credits
A Pirates life for Me
Green Flash

Wow I'll say that again WOW. I guess when you have to "out do" your two previous movies this is how you do it. I mean come on really. Strap yourselves in for this one. Spectacular special effects, more fighting and battles than you can shake a stick at, lots of gratuitous gross out stuff, and tons of plot twists. A good way to Confuse-a-Cat. Anyways go see it!
Just make sure you go pee first... (it's a loooong movie)


What you don't want to see

In your rear view mirror.


The Pause That Refreshes

After a hard days hunting Mike likes to kick back with a nice can of SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium.

That's mm mm good.

SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium
Pasta in Tomato and Cheese Sauce
Did you know that a serving of SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium pasta provides as much calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk? SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium pasta makes it easy to help your kids build strong bones. SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium pasta contains:

-30% of the Daily Value for Calcium
-25% of the Daily Value for Vitamin D


A Very Good Day

On February 26 2006, shortly after I was able to walk again following "The Incident" my brothers and I decided to go out to the Arizona Railway Museum. At that time it was at it's old location. It's not a very big museum but it does have some interesting stuff there, like one of the small statues from the old Hobo Joe's restaurants,
and an old railroad traffic control center console.
We walked through some of the passenger cars,
and took pictures of some of the cars and engines.

We took several pics of ourselves in or near the steam engine 2562.

When we left we came across this F-86D:
Since the museum wasn't very big and we had lots of time to kill we decided to head on out to Falcon field and check out the aircraft of the Commemorative Air Force Formerly the Confederate Air Force. We saw several aircraft including this MIG 21,
and we watched the B-17G Sentimental Journey takeoff.
At some point in here we had a nice Mexican food lunch.

On our way home we spotted some smoke and decided to chase after it. As we got there we realized we had actually beaten the fire department.

There was a brush fire right next to what I think is a library. First due on the scene was Tempe Engine 275.
They pulled up near the fire and immediately laid a hand line.
They connected to the Hydrant
and setup a monitor.
Shortly thereafter Tempe Engine 276 arrived.

The guy in yellow below is telling Chris he thinks some kids started the fire.

Of course we stood around and watched.
When we left we smelled like a forest fire.

We saw Trains, Planes, Ate Mexican food and saw a Fire.
Indeed... it was a Very Good Day.