Catch of the Day

We went fishing on Sunday March 4th at Vista Del Camino park There's a lot of Bass in the "lake" there, Some Catfish, and Misc. Sunfish. I have caught several Bass there in the past ranging from 1 to 3 pounds. Mike caught one weighing 4 pounds. This time I was fishing for Bass and Catfish. I was using raw shrimp for bait (for the Catfish). I didn't catch any Bass or Catfish but I did catch a turtle on a treble hook baited with shrimp. While Chris and I tried to get the hook out of it's mouth without hurting it, some little girl about 3 or 4 came over all excited about the Turtle. She kept saying she wanted it. I wasn't paying much attention at the time, so when we got the hook out we threw the turtle back in the water (not that I would have given it to her anyways). Well... this little girl had a fit that lasted almost an hour, because she didn't get the turtle. I believe this was probably the first time in her little (spoiled brat) life she hadn't got her way.

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