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Hello and welcome to Men Hardly Working. This blog is for my brothers and I as a record of the times we spend not working. My name is Robert, and My Brothers are Chris and Mike. Chris is on the left Mike is above me in the Picture to the left. This weekend we went out in the desert to take some pictures and hunt rabbits. The desert north of Florence, AZ is quite beautiful at this time of the year. The area we went to is just east of the Florence Military Reservation, where the National Guard goes to practice firing their 155mm Howitzers. Although the area won't green up for another couple of weeks we will return then for more pictures. We set out at 5:30am for the 60+ mile trip so we would arrive before sunrise to catch the best light. I brought my Minolta Maxxum 7D, Mike brought his Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, and Chris brought his Fuji Finepix A500. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Here are some of Mike's:

Here are some of Chris's:

After taking a couple hundred pictures we went hunting for rabbits. This involves walking through the desert making lots of noise so as to flush any unsuspecting rabbit from the underbrush. We may walk anywhere from 1 to 10 miles at a stretch. This time only Mike was successful, here is the Lucky hunter and unlucky rabbit:

On our drive home we ran into the 2nd Battalion - 180th Field Artillery of the National Guard. We were hoping to get some pictures of them firing their howitzers. We attempted to get permission but lack of hearing protection, no helmets, and time prevented this. We did get a few pics of them setting up.

For more on the FMR Click Here. Here is a map of the FMR:

The Red area is off limits, but for most of the northeastern end there is nothing other than signs to stop you.

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Anonymous said...

What did the rabbit do to you? I hope you at least at it. As for the pics... Nice and the picture of you 3 boys is cool. I hope you made your mom a picture to put at her house. So Men Hardly Working? Now I understand.....