What you don't want to see

In your rear view mirror.


The Pause That Refreshes

After a hard days hunting Mike likes to kick back with a nice can of SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium.

That's mm mm good.

SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium
Pasta in Tomato and Cheese Sauce
Did you know that a serving of SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium pasta provides as much calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk? SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium pasta makes it easy to help your kids build strong bones. SpaghettiOs® Plus Calcium pasta contains:

-30% of the Daily Value for Calcium
-25% of the Daily Value for Vitamin D


A Very Good Day

On February 26 2006, shortly after I was able to walk again following "The Incident" my brothers and I decided to go out to the Arizona Railway Museum. At that time it was at it's old location. It's not a very big museum but it does have some interesting stuff there, like one of the small statues from the old Hobo Joe's restaurants,
and an old railroad traffic control center console.
We walked through some of the passenger cars,
and took pictures of some of the cars and engines.

We took several pics of ourselves in or near the steam engine 2562.

When we left we came across this F-86D:
Since the museum wasn't very big and we had lots of time to kill we decided to head on out to Falcon field and check out the aircraft of the Commemorative Air Force Formerly the Confederate Air Force. We saw several aircraft including this MIG 21,
and we watched the B-17G Sentimental Journey takeoff.
At some point in here we had a nice Mexican food lunch.

On our way home we spotted some smoke and decided to chase after it. As we got there we realized we had actually beaten the fire department.

There was a brush fire right next to what I think is a library. First due on the scene was Tempe Engine 275.
They pulled up near the fire and immediately laid a hand line.
They connected to the Hydrant
and setup a monitor.
Shortly thereafter Tempe Engine 276 arrived.

The guy in yellow below is telling Chris he thinks some kids started the fire.

Of course we stood around and watched.
When we left we smelled like a forest fire.

We saw Trains, Planes, Ate Mexican food and saw a Fire.
Indeed... it was a Very Good Day.