Emerson 635 470501 RCA RP-168 45 record changer

if you have an Emerson 635 radio/record player the record player has part number 470501 this record player is also an RCA RP-168 45 record changer. Here is the service manual PDF for it.


increase font size in outlook 2016

it is not possible to do this in outlook 2016 (in the program itself).

most sites will tell you to do this in display settings and change the display ratio to 125%.

you could do that but it messes up a whole lot of formatting in windows and in other programs.

what works slightly better is to go in to settings - ease of access - make text bigger.

move the slider to the right in small increments until you get the size you like.

this may also mess up some other programs as well.


Longines Symphonette LTV-77 Schematic

 Longines Symphonette LTV-77 portable Black and White TV Schematic 3 versions very large files no compression. AKA Universum FK100R AKA CTV-14

also a link to a PDF of both. When it asks you to login or create an account click X in the upper right.
Then Click Download in the upper left corner.

I have no other info on this TV.


Posada Chimichanga steak and cheese burrito


I don't normally do reviews of food but I felt I had to in this case. this is a prime example of lies when it comes to truth in advertising.

We accidentally bought a bunch of these thinking they were something else. first lets describe a chimichanga. Chimichangas are a deep fried burrito (simple really). these are not deep fried or if they are it was for a millisecond as they sort of have an oily taste to the tortilla. The burritos claim to be 5 oz. I opened one up and all but around 1 once of that is tortilla. They claim to have "steak" in them. they often do have at least one chunk of utility grade "meat" in them, but I doubt it's anything I would call steak. tough and gristly. there is a small squirt of "cheese" and often the skin from a green chili. all in all these are a lie at best and nasty otherwise. they look nothing like the picture above.


T3 Time out no ranging response received Motorola SB6141 surfboard cable modem

 If you have a Motorola SB6141 surfboard cable modem and you are getting T3 Time out no ranging response received error messages a possible cause for this may be bad/swollen capacitors.

I've been having strange issues with my cable for a month now. had the cable company come out twice, the swapped out some splitters the first time, removed an un-needed MOCA filter, tested the lines and replaced one of the cable ends at the pedestal.

The strange part about this is that the problems occurred during the day starting about 7am (give or take 10 minutes) would be the worst till around 11am then be mildly annoying till 3pm where it would get bad again till about 8pm then be totally fine all night long.

I opened my cable modem and found this:

all the caps circled in red were swollen, I replaced them and all the other ones with the brand name of FOAI. so far as of 18 hours later my cable modem has been stable.

Not 100% sure what the cause was and maybe was multiple issues.


Firefox ignores disabled HTTPS only mode on local IP's

you have set firefox to Don’t enable HTTPS-Only Mode. you try to access a local IP and firefox changes it to

Firefox ignores disabled HTTPS only mode on local IP's specifically if the IP address does not respond firefox will change it to

type about:config in the address bar. 

respond that you know what you are doing.

search for 


double click will change it to false.

now firefox will leave the address as you typed it LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS DONE!


Collectible Teddy bears and why they are garbage

If you are reading this you probably were looking to find out how much those teddy bears you inherited from your deceased mother are worth.

They are worth less then she paid for them.

We inherited over 300 Raikes and Steiff teddy bears as well as many hand made one offs from random makers.

The above picture is just a tiny portion of what we inherited. The bears were originally priced at anywhere from $40 to $350 each.

We quickly learned that the market is flooded with them, and that nobody wants them. The people that do want them don't want to pay shipping for them.

we ended up selling some on facebook, giving many away and the rest went to an estate sale.

almost all the bears had warning tags that said they were not toys and not meant for children.

Never buy "collectibles" as an investment. If it says it's "collectible" it's not. Anything is "collectible" even dog shit if you are weird enough.


Sony BDP-S6700 fries HDMI

I have a Sony BDP-S6700 I bought in 2018 when my previous Blu-ray player was not able to play newer discs.

Starting soon after I got it I noticed popping and cracking noises when watching youtube from the youtube app on it. It did not seem to do it with discs, and it did not do it with all videos, so I though it was a quirk of certain videos. In December of 2021 the HDMI ports on my HDTV died. I ordered an HDMI to YPbPr+R/L Audio Converter, which seems to have died also due to the sony blu-ray player.

Unfortunately the circuit boards in the player and the converter are all SMD so not easy to diagnose or repair.

I have ordered a new player and converter.