Meet Jack

On 6-23-2012 Kathi and I went to the Arizona Animal Welfare league to look for a second cat. Before we got there I told Kathi the first cat that jumps on my shoulder we are adopting. When we got there we went in to one of the rooms that they have were the cats are free to move around and be cats. The first cat I noticed was a yellow striped and partially white female tabby that seemed interested in me. While I was checking her out an older grey and white striped tabby came up and wanted to be picked up (it actually put its front legs up on me like a child would that wants to be held, but the female batted him away. There were many cats and many rooms so we looked around some more. At one point we went back to the first room and a small male grey and white tabby showed interest in me and when I approached him he leaped up on to my shoulders SOLD! His original name was Julius, the shelter had named him Petri. He is one and a half years old. He is extremely friendly and loves to be on peoples shoulders.

We did not care for the name Petri or Julius and while trying to think of a name for him we noticed that we could barely walk when he was around as he kept rubbing on our legs and getting in the way, Thus he got his name Jack... Jack the Tripper!

He is probably the coolest cat we have ever owned. He loves to climb on our shoulders and backs.

 He loves to be petted and does not protest if you touch his paws. He is incredibly friendly more friendly than any cat I have had before. The shelter claims the previous owners surrendered him but did not say why. Whatever, he is ours now. May he live a very long life.