Christmas 2007

Every year my Mother-In-Law Carol has a Christmas eve party. Anyone who wishes to come is invited. However there were some no shows:
Santa-Joe - Who is in hospice recovering from Cancer of the throat.
Alan - Who was in town but otherwise engaged.
David - Unknown reason.
Eric - Was in town earlier in the month.
Here are some of the pics from Christmas eve.

From Left to Right, Kayla, Sean, Dixie, Kathi, and Carol.

From Left to Right, Juliet, Maeghan, Amanda, Haven, Amanda, and Kayla.

Tammy, and Carol, Amanda Maeghan, Dixie, and Mindy.

Maeghan, Tammy, Amanda, Mindy, Kayla, and Chris
Here are some pics from Christmas day.

Mary, (yes she can smile).

See I told you so!

Candy, the other Eric, Barbara, and Daniel.

Megan (who gets beaten with reeds if she smiles).


Average Weekend at Robert's

Once winter hits, Mike, Chris, and I can finally go out and do the things we like to do. So whenever we get a chance we head out to the Florence Military Reservation, where we go "hiking".

There is something about the desert in winter... IT'S COLD! But we wouldn't miss it for the world. After hiking around for 2 to 4 hours we head back to my house. Today Chris went home as he was tired, Mike and I went to the grocery store. We came back to watch a movie and Mike was out like a light, along with his son.


People Interested in Office George Cortez Jr.

Lately my site has been receiving a lot of traffic from Google in reference to my post on Officer George Cortez Junior's Funeral procession. If you are here to read about the funeral procession, please leave a comment below or sign my Guest book as to what has brought you here. Please visit his web page at: http://www.georgecortez.com/


Not Another Canyon Lake Post!

Yes... Another one.

We went there Saturday to pick up the great quantities of cans at the bottom of the lake. We were doing this because Mike's roommate owed him a lot of money. However it had been raining for 2 days, and as I feared everything was soaked and sections of the lake bed were in the process of washing away.

At the first bridge the floor of the lake had been eroded by about 6 feet.
The flood waters had washed the newspaper vending machines (all 6 of them) a couple hundred yards down stream, and uncovered the remains of the second car we had found on our last visit.

The good news is that "if" we have to go back to pickup the cans most of the soft mud has been washed away. While at this locations Mike's narcolepsy kicked in.
Just kidding!!! We moved on down to the east of the second bridge and the same thing was happening there.
We stood around and watched the banks of the river wash away.

The sun came out for a few seconds and I got a couple of good pictures of it.
Finally we moved on to the second bridge.

There will probably be at least one more post about the lake before they refill it. I know you can't wait.