how to get charities to stop sending you mail

Are you receiving tons of mail from charities? was it because you gave to some charity? or did you have a family member die that was giving to charities and you need them to stop?

Here is what you need to do.

create an excel spreadsheet or a list in notepad or even word.

Every time mail comes in open it and look for an email address or website. go to that website and look for the organization contact us, or about us link. usually at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes they have a contact form. Select opt out, or general inquiry. if neither of those exists pick the one closest to just contacting them.

Sometimes they will have email addresses. look for one for general inquiry or marketing or even donations. If you can find a list of actual people pick one or more of them.

Use this format for the email:

Subject: Opt out, remove from mailing lists

body: To whom it may concern
Please remove (name as it is on the envelope you received) from your list and any affiliated lists and do not share his/her information. Do not call him/her. he/She is dead (obviously do not include both he/she)
please do not send anything to:
the address on the envelope

We will not donate to you or anyone.
You have been notified and by law you must remove him/her from your list.
we are inundated with donation requests and are fed up with it.

Keep track of who you have contacted. note how many times it takes for each organization. it can take several months for the mail to stop from just one organization. You may have to send multiple request. you may have to find a different contact, or send a letter, or even call. Most charities will respond if you give them a return email address. I would recommend that you put wording in the emails to NOT add your email to any charity lists, or create an email account just for opting out.

My mother-in-law passed away in 2020, it took 3 years to get the mail to stop. some of it got forwarded to our new house when we moved even though we gave no forwarding address.

Be persistent. we had to send emails and fill out forms for 112 different charities before they got the hint. also NEVER donate to any charity by mail or website you will be put on mailing lists and charities will contact you that you do not care about.