How to setup POP3 to Outlook for YAHOO mail

Cox internet has stopped supporting email and transferred all accounts to yahoo. They provide instructions for setting up POP3 but those instructions suck ass.

Here is what you need to do to connect outlook and possibly other apps to your new yahoo servers. These instructions assume you are on a computer not a phone. I cannot help for problems on phones.

First thing is make sure that if you have folders in your cox webmail that those emails are moved to one of the standard folders, any personal folders seem to not be transferred (why? because fuck you).

next click the link in the email from yahoo (to login) which will probably not work especially if you have other yahoo accounts. fear not, just go to https://mail.yahoo.com/ and login with your cox credentials:

full email address

current password on your cox email account.

answer the questions about how you want the webmail to look.

it will prompt you to enter a new password. do that.

once logged in verify that you have emails. there should be some about unexpected login (that would be you).

now go to: https://login.yahoo.com/account/security

scroll down till you see:

How you sign in to Yahoo and look for "Generate and manage app passwords, click on that and type in the apps name (does not have to be exact). click generate password. it will give you a 16 character password click on copy to get it to the clipboard.

I will not provide detailed instruction on how to get in to outlooks settings or any other app.

now go in to outlook or whatever app you have and change the following:

your username is now your full email address

the password is the 16 character generated password.

Incoming Mail (POP) Server
Server - pop.mail.yahoo.com
Port - 995
Requires SSL - Yes

Secure password authentication enabled.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
Server - smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Port - 465 or 587 (465 worked for me)
Requires SSL - Yes
Requires TLS - Yes (if available) or just select ssl/tls
Requires authentication - Yes

if your app has an option to test the settings do that. if it worked it should say the test completed. if it failed you did something wrong.