Multi plug Remote control module from a fan

I had a Pelonis remote controlled fan that I got tired of having to re-oil every year or 2. I was intrigued by the remote control unit, and was curious if it could be re-used in some manner.

Here is the Control Board.

The fan it came out of had a rating of .45 amps. On the board is a 2 amp fuse. 3 LED's that indicate fan speed, and 3 LED's that indicate Timer length, 1, 2, and 4 hours. There is an IR receiver, and 2 buttons, 1 that cycles from off, through 3 speeds then off again, and one that cycles the timer length. A piezo speaker beeps when a button is pressed or it receives the IR signal.

Fan "speed" control works as follows. the Blue wire is common, Grey is low speed, orange is medium, and red is "STR" which I guess means strong? but is high speed.

When low is selected 120 volts is directed through the Grey wire and not the orange and red. Medium puts 120v though the Orange, but not Grey and Red, High puts 120v through Red but not orange or grey.

I decided to build this:

It can switch between 3 1 amp loads.
See it in action: