Omeprazole, Prilosec, Losec, and neuropathy

Several years ago I was put on omeprazole for acid reflux at night. The doctor never indicated any concerns for long term use of it, As usual I read the side effect.

After an unknown amount of time I began to develop a feeling in my feet like they were always dry. I didn't pay much attention to it because I could feel heat, cold, and touch just fine.

Eventually I went to the a neurologist after seeing a podiatrist over an unrelated matter.

It seems that I had neuropathy in my feet. How I got it was a mystery. After some testing it was determined that A. it was not genetic, B. it was not diabetes, and C it was a vitamin B12 deficiency.

How did I get a B12 deficiency? I eat foods with lots of B12.

I did some research on it and found that buried deep in the drug manufacturers website was that omeprazole should not be taken for more than 2 months. It did not say why. Well the reason is that omeprazole interferes with the bodies ability to absorb certain vitamins.

I am now on vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid supplements but I could have lost the use of my hands if this had gone too far.

I smell a class action lawsuit.


How to setup POP3 for microsoft 365 at godaddy

how to setup pop3 email hosted by office 365 and godaddy in office 2016 and probably other versions as well. these instructions might work for other providers and are meant for people that do not need precise step by step instructions. I cannot help you with them, and cannot help you with godaddy. click on pictures to make them bigger.

Sign in to https://productivity.godaddy.com/

find the user in question and click on Manage.


 on the next screen scroll down and click on advanced settings.


below that this should appear:





Turn on SMTP Authentication

If you get a spinning circle wait a bit, or reload the page and try again.

Now you may have to wait (how long I have no idea) it seems to take a bit of time to become active.

In outlook add an account put in your email address and select to setup manually. Click connect.

Choose POP from the list.

Your username is your full email address.

Enter your password in the password field.

The POP Server is outlook.office365.com port 995

Check "this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)"

Outgoing SMTP server is smtp.office365.com port 587

Encryption method is STARTTLS

Check "my outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication"

Use same settings as my incoming server

Complete the wizard.

If it fails either you entered something wrong, did not wait long enough after activating SMTP authentication, or something else that I missed or forgot about needs to be changed. Do not contact me I will not be able to help you. You can try calling your provider but godaddy did not know how to set this up and claimed it could not be setup. Yet I did and it does work.