Arizona Covid-19 running tally

This is my running tally of the Covid-19/china flu/kung flu infections in Arizona. I will update it as often as I can with the number of confirmed cases, and deaths. I will continue to do this till the pandemic is over, I get sick and/or die, or get bored.
My sources: azdhs.gov and Wikipedia
Number of new cases with 7 day moving average.
 % of total population infected (Arizona)
Arizona Terminal Percentage 4.81%
Global Terminal Percentage 6.25% (this numbers is falling since a couple weeks ago)
increase in cases from 10 days ago (Arizona) 17.91%
1 day increase 2.79%
Average number of new infections per day since 3-13-2020 216 (number is climbing)
average number of deaths per day since 3-22-2020 12.
Average number of deaths per day in all of Arizona for all reasons(based on 2018 numbers) 102
number of suspected asymptomatic or unreported infections in Arizona 399,646.This number is based on testing information in other states where random populations were tested.

updated 5-24-2020
5-24-2020 based on the moving average it appears that this wave may have peaked and things will start winding down till winter when the second wave hits.

5-13-2020 my prediction was exceeded on 5-13-2020 with 12176 cases so my calculations are pretty close.

5-4-2020 Prediction 12003 cases by 5-14-2020.

5-4-2020 huh who would have thought? a couple of weeks after easter and there is a huge spike in infections from morons who had to congregate.

4-29-2020 switched to graphing only new cases and new deaths per day.

Although this data is pulled from websites that are up to date, it may reflect information that is 1 to 3 weeks behind the actual number of infections.

3-27-2020 I stopped tracking numbers of people tested since those numbers were not complete and was swamping the data. Began tracking percentage of death for a give population of infected.

Stop the spread Stay home!
Remember we are all dying because some fucking moron in another country has to eat an exotic animal, and they haven't stopped because of the pandemic.

For the first time in recorded history, all you have to do to help save the world is stay home and do nothing. You'd think we'd be able to not screw that up.