People Interested in Office George Cortez Jr.

Lately my site has been receiving a lot of traffic from Google in reference to my post on Officer George Cortez Junior's Funeral procession. If you are here to read about the funeral procession, please leave a comment below or sign my Guest book as to what has brought you here. Please visit his web page at: http://www.georgecortez.com/


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was directed here by a Google alert that I have on George Cortez, even thouh most of the alerts are for the Calgary Stampeders offensive coordinator, George Cortez. I am George's father in law and am working on a website in his honor, www.georgecortez.com. I appreciate your coverage of George's funeral. Would you be willing to let me have copies of your pictures and video? I would use some of it on the website and credit you for it, and some will be for a video and slideshow I am putting together for my daughter and her two boys. Thank You.

Tom Tyo

Flinx said...

Tom Tyo please check the comments on your web page for my email address.

Tom. . . said...

I received the package with the video & pics. I will be posting some of them soon. Thanks you very much and sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

Tom Tyo