AJ6 Zephyr 7701 AM/FM refurbish

I have been trying to get one of these for a while now but whenever they show up on ebay they tend to sell for more than I want to pay.
I got this one off of shopgoodwill for a reasonable price and it was quite grungy but worked with no hum.
The picture above has the contrast out of whack as it was not as dirty as it looks.

It had all its original tubes inside, all marked SEC Hitachi.
Some information I have says that it is made by Sansei, but radiomuseum says it is made by Zephyr in one listing and Sansei in another.

Under the chassis there is not much that needs to be replaced. The square metallic box under the large green capacitor near the volume pot is the rectifier in an unusual mount.

I only found one Electrolytic in the detector circuit and 3 60uf electrolytics in the filter cap.
All of these Japanese AM/FM radios I have worked on have similar circuits and the same filter caps.
I have found that you can replace the 60uf's with 47 or 50uf's with no hum.

I removed the chassis, and the speaker to give it a good bath with simple green.
Re-assembled it.
Polished the plastic and I am listening to it as I type this.
The dial is spot on, it tunes just fine and everything sound great I really like these 1960's Japanese radios they hold their alignment for decades. Many of them sound really good, and the build quality is rather high with zinc plated or gold anodized chassis, in many cases tube retainers, and many of the come with a fuse already installed. I especially like the look of them, they just look totally different than most of the radios that were out at the time, or even later. I like the reverse painted dials especially.

The things I don't like about them are that the plastic often shrinks and or cracks around the screw holes, they suffer from SMD, and the dial covers or face plates are melted in place.

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