Posada Chimichanga steak and cheese burrito


I don't normally do reviews of food but I felt I had to in this case. this is a prime example of lies when it comes to truth in advertising.

We accidentally bought a bunch of these thinking they were something else. first lets describe a chimichanga. Chimichangas are a deep fried burrito (simple really). these are not deep fried or if they are it was for a millisecond as they sort of have an oily taste to the tortilla. The burritos claim to be 5 oz. I opened one up and all but around 1 once of that is tortilla. They claim to have "steak" in them. they often do have at least one chunk of utility grade "meat" in them, but I doubt it's anything I would call steak. tough and gristly. there is a small squirt of "cheese" and often the skin from a green chili. all in all these are a lie at best and nasty otherwise. they look nothing like the picture above.

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