Fuck you microsoft and fuck you edge

I got updates to windows 10 on 11-14-2023 kb5032189, kb5032005, and servicing stack 10.0.19041.3684. not trusting microsoft I opened edge and checked that certain webpages for local equipment I have that MUST use internet explorer were not messed with. found that of the 5 of them, 4 were removed from internet explorer mode and had to be added back. fuck you microsoft, I'm not some newb who doesn't know better. If I have sites that open in internet explorer mode then those sites only work right in internet explorer mode because they rely on active-x apps and there is no updates for them. I will continue to use them until the devices fail. mind your own business microsoft.

I suspect servicing stack 10.0.19041.3684 is the culprit, as every time I get one of these something gets  fucked up, or changed to serve heir microsoft.

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