How to disable seatbelt chime in subaru cars

First why am I doing this. simple I can and I will. Also I am not responsible for you or someone you know doing this and then getting injured because you/they drove with no seat belt. driving without a seat belt is retarded. This method only works for some Subaru cars.

Second I always wear my seat belt but hate the chime. I am not a child that needs to be scolded in to doing something.

Third do not worry your silly little head about if I sell it, it can be re-enabled easily. just repeat the sequence or disconnect the battery for 1 minute. Reconnect the sensor.

OK how to do it:

1. Buy a seat belt extender. good luck with that. I have not been able to find one that works for my 2015 Subaru Forester. you will want the shortest one you can get. If the extender male tab does not look like the pic below it probably won't work. the measurements of the tab are 1 inch wide by about 1.25 inches long. plugging in an extender satisfies the sensor but allows you to unplug the seat at your whim without being scolded.


2. The 20 clicks method. 

Get in your car.
Close the door.
turn off your AC (it doesn't matter if you do this).
hold the tab in your left hand.
insert the key in the ignition, turn it 2 clicks to ON, but do not start the car.
within 30 seconds insert the tab in the buckle and remove it 20 times.
each insert, remove = 1 click.
do this with the cadence of:
click mississippi
click mississippi
when you remove the tab the last time turn the car back to ACC then start the car.
The seat belt light should come on and the chime will activate once (each time the car is started with seat belt off).
Now with the seat belt off drive the car up to 20 mph. the seat belt light should come on once but no chime.
If the chime comes on you did something wrong or your car requires a slightly different method.

3. Go to a dealer and have them disable it.

4. Unplug the sensor connection under the seat. I will not explain how to do this, as this is the most difficult method.

 If your car has push button start read the manual on how to put the car on without starting it. I cannot help with push button start cars. actually I won't help do this at all.

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