Call to Blog!

The following people need to start a blog or update their blog:

Eric Zanovitch (I'm not the only one who read your blog, more would read it if you updated it).

Alan Gastineau (I used to have a cousin with that name, wonder what happened to him?).

Paul Varner (It's cathartic).

I don't want to hear any sniveling either, like:
Nobody will read it. (I can tell you how to get it listed on google for free).
My life is boring. (Yeah... whatever).
I'm to busy. (So am I).

I know you all read my blog (and when). So get to it "Spit Spot"!


Anonymous said...

I do read your blog. Can you set up an RSS feed?
I check Eric's every once in awhile. But it never is updated

I've thought about doing a lot of things, including a blog. I own a domain. But I would have a problem with updating the blog.


Flinx said...

If your asking do I have an RSS feed the answer is yes. If your asking can one be setup on blogger the answer is "it's part of the package"

Zanimal said...

I'll update my blog tonight. I think...