Anniversary in Payson

Last weekend for our 13th anniversary we spent the weekend in Payson. We left town at 3pm on Friday and got to Payson about 4:45pm. We stayed at the Best Western Payson Inn. We had dinner at Chili's, then went for a drive. We ended up taking pictures of the sunset on the highway that heads to Pine.

I also did some light trails.
The next morning we headed up to the rim to see the view and scope out future campsites.

On the way back we stopped again at the rim and went for a walk. I took this opportunity to test out the macro on my 300mm zoom lens.
We went back to star valley and had lunch at Chester's (really greasy and anemic) fried chicken. We headed back up to the Tonto creek area drove up to the "Tonto Rim Christian camp" (formerly Tonto Rim Baptist Camp). Then to the Fish Hatchery.

There wasn't much happening at the fish hatchery so we drove to Pine so Kathi could check out a couple of Antique shops. That night we had dinner at the "haunted" Main street Bar & Grill in Payson.
The next morning we got up bright and early and went back up to Woods canyon lake to catch some crawdads and hang out. Crawdads are not native to Arizona, they are considered an invasive species introduced to this state in the 1940's as live bait. As such any person who has an Arizona state fishing license can catch as many as you want, as often as you want, the only catches are you can't transport them live and you can't sell them. I caught about 25 crawdads.
I used a fish hook, twig, and some fishing line I found. I used raw chicken for bait. I brought a trap with me but only caught about 5 in the trap. The little bastards are so greedy most of them wouldn't let go of the bait even after they were out of the water.
I put them on ice with rock salt and within an hour they were frozen solid. This coming weekend we (including Mike and Chris) will cook them and eat them (oooh yes we will!). The rest of the afternoon we just hung out and fed chipmunks and such.

We left around 1pm and stopped at the Mogollon rim visitors center. I took the opportunity to take some more macro pictures.

Then we headed home. I have some video, if it is interesting enough I will upload it later.

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