So Long and Thanks for all the Pics

Well after 21 years I finally said "So long" to a good friend. In 1986 I met my Good friend at a K-mart in Douglas Arizona while I was in college.
Well... met isn't quite the word... OK I bought him. Specifically I bought a Pentax K-1000 camera. Like a very loyal dog was my K-1000. He had no fancy bells and whistles. Just the basics, manual focus, manual aperture, manual speed, and a very simple light meter. We saw a lot together. I once shot over 200 pictures at an airshow at Falcon field. I climbed mountains.
I took a photography class with him. I made a few "effects" pictures.

I took him with me when we went shooting in the desert.
When Santa Claus came to town, He was there.
He went with me on vacations.

He was there when my sisters got carried away.

I even took him on my Honey Moon.
But alas it was not to last. After many years of good services his light meter stopped working correctly and, I moved on to other more "Fancy" cameras and eventually to digital. He languished unused floating about in my "Man Cave". Now he has gone off to live a new life. Last Friday I sold him on Ebay. He is on his way to live with Sam Wright of Chico California.
I will miss him.

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