Newcomb B-100 Radio Restoration

I recently got 2 Newcomb B-100 Radios off of ebay. Newcomb made radios from the 40's to the 70's (I think) I cannot find much info on the company. Their radios, and other equipment were used mostly in schools. These 2 radios are slightly unusual because they are more "fancy" looking than their other models.
 The bottom one in is the older radio and the subject of this post. It was very dusty inside and surprisingly (for it's time) has a transformer.
 First thing I had to do was replace all the red beauty capacitors,
 With orange drops and 2 of the cpacitors with some Red Audiophile Capacitors. I also installed new electrolytic capacitors (not shown) but left the old multisection cap installed for looks.
  I replaced a few out of spec resistors, the power cord, moved the fuse to the back of the unit, and replaced some of the wire that connect to the antenna and speakers. I installed a 3.5mm audio in jack for playing MP3z through the radio. This radio already had a Phono circuit so it was easy to do.
 I made new labels to go over the old identification marks stained them with coffee, and covered the hole where I removed the audio out jack.
I need to recover the case and that will be fun as I do not yet have a source for the vinyl cloth to do it.

If anyone has any of the schematics or other documentation for these radios please contact.

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