Refurbishing a General Electric C403D Tube Radio Part II

Work is progressing on the little radio. I have the grill on the bottom. 
The speaker and speaker cloth are installed.
I located a speaker grill at Ace hardware. It is a brass plated shower drain guard. It was a huge pain to mount. there were 4 small tabs on the back to hammer down, I had to solder brass screws to the back of the "grill" which involved scratching up the surface, using acid flux and plumbing solder since rosin core would not do it. I had to modify the speaker to match the screw locations. There is the possibility that it could pop off at anytime since I do not have much faith in it being properly soldered (we will see). although it is not magnetic it seems to not be solid brass. When I scratched up the back I uncovered a nickel? colored metal.
I have attached a home made and artificially aged (with coffee) label on the back plate.

SO! what's left to do?

The transformer.
Better knob and dial.
Dial markings (dependent on dial).
Finish the back

all the above may go slow but the transformer and back will probably be done late this week or early next. Knobs would probably take sometime.

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