Goodwill Haul

Being recently revenueless I kept busy fixing old radios and going to thrift stores and estate sales. This is a partial list of my haul for the last 12 months 7-2012 to 7-2013:

Magnavox 20mf500t/17 20" LCD TV
Shure 520DX
Line 6 Spider III amp
2 geiger counters
2 minimus 7's
2 veneered minimus 7's
WinTV-hvr 1600
Pioneer SX-3600
orphaned Mini Advent
wireless shipping scale
Technics SA-5460
supro S6606
Center Channel Design Acoustics PS-CV
Sansui 200
Optonica SA-5407
Proton 740 tape deck
Hewlett Packard 120b tube oscilloscope
Yamaha Natural sound GE-30 Equalizer
1 Optimus unknown speaker
1 Denon TU-450
2 Garrard GSS100 speakers
1 realistic mini amp
realistic mini tuner
Technics SA-GX130
Technics RS-T330R Tape deck
optimus pro-x88av
Garmin Etrex Legend
AC hookup wire
Technics SH-8055 12 channel GEQ
Technics SU-V57 integrated amp
Technics ST-S77 tuner
Technics RS-B17W tape deck
several Canon T-50 cameras
Many SLR Cameras and lenses
Yaesu FT-23R
Kenwood KT-42B
Fender Frontman 15G
Marantz SD155 Tape Deck
Optimus SA-155 "amp"
NAD Monitor Series Power Amplifier 2100 Power Envelope
Luxman Tuner Preamp TP-117 with BOTH remotes
Fisher DS-810 speakers
General Signal PC-150 line conditioner/isolation transformer
Ross Electronics Co. 2101, 8 band radio
craftsman 1/4" socket set
Technics SA-301
Yamaha A-32
Audiosource AMP One/A
Triad Bronze Powersub
Pioneer PL-115d
Kenwood KA-127
Fisher 215
Coral BX-200 speakers
Sansui 7070
Digital I.C. Color Generator
Polaris MT5500 marine radio
Sporty's E6B Flight computer
Technics ST-G5
GE el cheapo tube radio

Most Items were sold.

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Unknown said...

Just to let you know; the Garrard GSS100 speakers are pretty rare- you could get some money off of them. And you must have a good goodwill, since the one I go to has no SLR's, or barely any speakers AT ALL. Lol. Good luck on you're next haul =)