3 Radios from Ebay

I got these 3 radios off of ebay Monday 8-12-2013 at 6:00pm (Birthday money from Mother-in-law). With local pickup I got them for a really low price. Met the seller at a Walmart on 19th ave and bell.

Left to right.
Zenith - 2-2034
Motorola Model AT28AH
Westinghouse Century CR-510

The Westinghouse was not working and I had to replace the multisection electrolytic capacitor since it was shorted. the Power switch would not make contact (shot of deoxit), the 35w4, 50c5, and 12av6 had burned out heaters. Did an alignment, and it seems to be really sensitive. I had it fixed by 8:00pm.

The Motorola needed only slight repair. I did an alignment on it as well.

I parted out the Zenith as it was microphoning and had lots of problems. I thought it was ugly anyways.

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