Emerson 641B

Another Ebay purchase made with birthday money from my Mother-in-law. I saw one just like it in a local antique store for $40 but cosmetically in worse condition.The knobs on the one in the antique store were munged.
 Pic below taken after I removed the old filter cap.
It hummed on power up which means the electrolytic power filter caps were bad. I replaced them. 

I powered it up again and the hum was gone, but all I got was horrible static and faint KTAR 620am.
Hmm.... I then did a full recap, but the static persisted. Attempting an alignment did not improve anything. Some research makes me think that it has silver mica disease and I had to rebuild the 1st IF transformers. I replaced the power cord at this time.

Once I had the 1st IF Transformer rebuilt, I did an initial alignment and found it was still a little weak. I tested all the 6BJ6 tubes and found two were not as good as I would like. I picked up 4 NOS tubes and replaced all the ones in the radio (since the NOS ones tested better than originals). I did a final alignment, installed an audio in, and the radio works great.

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