Dry Wash Fire

Today I was driving home from an appointment in Scottsdale and drove through paradise valley. I was rounding the bend where Tatum turns into McDonald and then into 44th st. I saw a dry wash with smoke and flames shooting up and what looked like some kids trying to put out a fire. I called 911 at 15:19. The 911 operator reported the Fire department is on the way. I turned around in the hopes of getting some pics. I waited about 2 or 3 minutes and no Rural Metro, as there were high winds and lots of dry desert scrub nearby I pulled up next to the wash in the location on the picture, got out and grabbed my fire extinguisher. The kids were gone and another guy with a drywall pan was dumping dirt on the fire. I started putting out what I could until the fire extinguisher ran out. I then started stamping out what I could get to. The Fire department still had not show up. I called 911 again and they said they would call them again. Rural metro finally showed up around 15:28. By that time The guy with the drywall pan had 90% of the fire out. I reported to the office on the scene about the kids running away. He barely acknowleged me with a "most likely" comment. So I left. I was to busy helping to get any pics.

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