Night Fishing

Last night we went fishing at Chaparral park in Scottsdale. Our aim was to catch some Catfish as we have never caught them before. We were there from about 18:00 to 22:30.

We started by catching several Bluegills to use as bait. We cut the Bluegills up and put large chunks of meat on the hooks. The first person to catch a fish was Amanda she caught a three pounder. Chris then caught a two and a half pounder, later on Amanda caught a four pounder. On this trip I caught only a couple of the Bluegills used for Bait. Two of the Catfish swallowed their hooks, one later coughed up his hook and we were able to remove the hook from the third without hurting it.

When we were done fishing we released the two smaller Catfish and the remaining Bluegills. We kept the four pounder as Chris has a co-worker who would be quite happy to have one.

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