Send in the Clones

At last I can implement my plan to take over the world using an army of clones. This is the first step. Soon I will have thousands of surly, obstinate, and slightly annoying clones. Moohoohahaha, MOOHOOHAHAHA, MOOHOOHAHAHA, ahem... sorry... Anyways where was I...... Oh yes. CLONES!!! My army of clones will have the superhuman powers of "chattyness", "ultrablame", "annoyvision", and the mind bending "realityignore". Now if I can just get them to stop smacking each other..... ;)


Crabbiroader said...

We clones after taking over the world will overthrow our supposed creater.

Flinx said...

Clone 1 quit poking clone 2. Don't make me pull this blog over. I will and I'll smack everyone.