Take This Christine Kronengold

Several years ago Kathi (my wife) and I took a beginners Black and White photography class at Phoenix College, the "instructors" name was Chris Kronengold. In the past I had taken two other "beginners" photography classes. Once in fifth grade and again in College. Kathi had wanted to learn how to take pictures so I suggested the class. The class was interesting in that the teacher was technically good but lacked one on one teaching skills. Consequently many of the students expressed to me that they weren't learning as much as they thought they should. To make matters worse on Thursday's it was next to impossible to get her help as she "had" to watch survivor. On one occasion a girl in the class developed a picture and showed it to Christine, who made suggestions and told her to reprint the picture, this repeated several times until the girl got fed up and showed the teacher the original picture, of which the instructor declared to be perfect. This teacher was constantly harping on dodging and burning to get perfect pictures. That's all fine and dandy but most of the people in the class were just happy that they could get anything to come out at all. In fact she was so insitent about it that even one of her favorite photographers Ansel Adams would have failed her class because the detail is lost in the shadows on some of his pictures. Having attended two other beginners classes I would rank Photography I at F.K. (Foenix Kollege) as taught by Mrs. Kronengold as an intermediate to slightly advanced class. Since access to the lab was always crowded and to make things easier for Kathi, I also purchased over time a complete darkroom costing me approximately $1200.00. What does "ALL" this have to do with the Guildig brothers... Well after having discovered HDR photography I/we can take those "perfect" pictures. So on Saturday the 7th we went out to Tortilla flats and started working our way back to Apache Junction stopping to take picture anywhere we could. I got some really dramatic pics made better with HDR so Take This Chris Kronengold:

Here are some from Mike:

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